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Lace lock clip - White bottom

Untied laces are annoying and dangerous for all of us. The solution comes with these clips: a functional design that keeps well subject your laces. Suitable for any person and any circumstance and sector: children, youth, adults, seniors and athletes (training, team games, races, marathons, etc.). Forget those embarrassing and bad-timed falls!

4,95 €
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Xtra Wide - Crew

This sock is perfect for older people who have trouble bending and putting on socks traditional or who suffer from swollen ankles (circulatory problems).

14,25 €
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Exfoliating cream...

The perfect ally for the exfoliation definite that your feet need. Easily removes dead skin cells of the epidermis of the foot responsible for calluses and rough spots on the heel, the balls of your feet and pressure areas. Softens corns and calluses. Smoothes the skin more dehydrated. Enjoying a nice velvety feel, and the foot is now ready to receive a...

11,75 €
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Regenerating cream for dry...

The gesture of hydration to nourish, repair cracks and crevices, revitalize skin and fight inflammation. The formula enriched with plant-based allows you to restore the physiological PH and soothing the sensitive skin of the feet. Provides nutrition, long lasting and intense, with a generous texture and a delicate perfume. The result professional for dry...

11,95 €
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Relaxing balm with plants

Balm texture surround and oily provides a pleasant sensation of freshness. Thanks to its decongestant action (association of assets with properties, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous) relieves tired feet, swollen and irritated. Moisturizes, protects and softens the skin.

11,95 €
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Cream anti-breathable for feet

Cream specifically for feet with strong breathability, prone to mycosis. Combat the excessive perspiration by regulating the flow sudoral of the feet without blocking it. Protects and reinforces the epidermis been weakened by the excess moisture. Prevents skin problems, fungal and bacterial. The feet are more healthy and desodorizados. The shock treatment...

12,50 €
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Spray for footwear

Specific treatment of the footwear. Combat problems of strong perspiration and bad smells. Disinfects and deodorizes instantly the inside of the shoes. Prevents the development of bacteria and fungi responsible for mycoses and infections. Proven on yeast, molds and dermatophytes. Perfumes and sterilizes the shoes and boots. It prolongs the life span of...

17,95 €
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