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Powder Danzarin Sport

Combination of mineral powders that are applied on the skin of the feet form a protective film that prevents skin lesions such as skin irritations and chaffing. Thanks to the component extra, silver, we benefit from their antibacterial properties and antifungal. This avoids not only sweating but also bad smells and the appearance of fungi and bacteria.

11,90 €
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TANO - Lotion tanner to feet

Tanner feet, special to prepare the feet for long distance tours. Reinforces and hardens the epidermis plant, so it is highly indicated for athletes practicing disciplines of resistors: Marathon - Hiking - Trekking - Ultradistance... And even for the Camino de Santiago!

10,75 €
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KIMAS - Oil for massage

Oil for massage-rich in arnica for before and after sports. First it prepares the muscles for physical exertion, decreasing the feeling of muscle stiffness. Then, it optimizes the recovery of sporting, strongly reduces the feeling of muscular fatigue and soothes the soreness. For athletes who wish to recover quickly, and/or take up a sporting activity.

17,95 €
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NOK Cream - anti friction

The cream NOK is specific anti-chaffing. Suaviza the skin, moisturizes it and protects against rubbing. Minimizes irritations and redness. Prevents the formation of blisters. The skin is strengthened and more resistant. Can be used in all areas exposed to rubbing: feet, toes, groin, crotch, armpits, nipples, neck...

12,25 €
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RELAX - Gel anti fatigue

Gel anti-fatigue body after sport. Strongly reduces the feeling of muscular fatigue and optimize recovery. For athletes who wish to recover quickly and/or they take up a sporting activity.

12,25 €
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Lace lock clip - Pink bottom

Untied laces are annoying and dangerous for all of us. The solution comes with these clips: a functional design that keeps well subject your laces. Suitable for any person and any circumstance and sector: children, youth, adults, seniors and athletes (training, team games, races, marathons, etc.). Forget those embarrassing and bad-timed falls!

4,95 €
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Coolmesh II - Quarter...

There are many ways of feeling Spanish...this is one of them. Choose the new WrightSock special edition Spain. It shows who you are at heart and who you represent in every feat in that it becomes a new career. Always enjoying the comfort, blister-free, free of dampness...

16,95 €
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Stride - Quarter Way of St....

If your next goal is the "Camino de Santiago", you need your feet to be in optimal condition all the way. STRIDE edition Camino is your sock. Double layer anti-blisters, evacuation of sweat and highly breathable fabric. Medium thickness and quarter height. Pay attention to the well-being of your feet!

18,95 €
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