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Heel silicone semi-solid

Heel silicone semi-solid, dampens the steps by alleviating the load points. Bears an oval area (blue color/knight, or pink/lady) more soft benefiting the part of the heel. Ideal for any activity.

18,90 €
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Liquid Gel dynamic

Templates dynamic gel gives a sensation of comfort being a gel, fluid, and dynamic. INNOVATIVE technology for everyday use. Feet fatigued and pains associated with the feet are the most common annoyances of daily life. Ensures Directional Stability and Reduces the Pressure on Joints and the Lower Back.

13,90 €
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Liquid Gel dynamic - Women

These gel insoles fluid and dynamic GEL GENIE designed for the WOMAN who wears shoes with spiked. The liquid gel inside the insole adjusts to the movements of weight of the user, providing at all times a perfect support, grip and cushioning.

9,90 €
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Marvok - Low Impact insole

Insole created to reduce impacts and alleviate discomfort in the heel and metatarsals, in addition to enjoying an enhanced cushioning and comfort under your feet. This model has been designed to be versatile and adapt to any shoe thanks to its flexible materials and with memory. Lightweight and ergonomic product , with tissue bactericide which prevents...

18,90 €
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Marvok insole High Stability

Insole created to improve the stability and create a support plant full, relieving discomfort, pain and overloads. Change the insole that contains your shoe or trainers and feel the clamping, support and reactivity for optimal!

24,90 €
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Pack heaters

The thermal pads disposable lasts approximately 8 hours and keeps the inside of the templates Dynamic Gel (liquid), and the foot to a warm temperature. They are ideal for any outdoor activity use them in the front (metatarsal).

8,00 €
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