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List of products by manufacturer Akileïne

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Akildia cream pie del...

The cream Multiprotectora Akildia ensures a complete protection of the epidermis of diabetic feet. Intensely moisturizes, strengthens its barrier function, eliminates calluses and heals the cracks of the heels. Stimulates the microcirculation of blood, protects cells from neurodegeneration, antibacterial agents and anti-fungal prevent the outer...

15,50 €
In Stock
Akilhiver cream cracks and...

Cream dermo adjuvant especially cold. Protects the skin against damage caused by cold and moisture. Help to prevent and/or repair cracks and chilblains on the hands and feet. Decreases burning and itching, normalizes the structure of the epidermis.

12,95 €
In Stock
Balm hydro-defense

Indicated for situations of severe dehydration of the feet (skin been weakened, strong calluses).

13,95 €
In Stock
Cicaleine fissures hands...

Promotes healing of fissures and cracks, soothes the inflammation and itching. Visibly improves from the 1st week. Hydrates intensely from the first application.

13,95 €
In Stock
Cream anti-breathable children

Specific formula for the children, without aluminum salts. Feet of strong transpiration from 3 years old. Tested under control pediatric. Combat excess perspiration, regulating the flow sudoral of the foot without cutting it totally. The feet are kept dry throughout the day. Neutralizes odors, protects the skin from irritations and stabilises pH to the skin.

14,95 €
In Stock
Cream anti-breathable for feet

Cream specifically for feet with strong breathability, prone to mycosis. Combat the excessive perspiration by regulating the flow sudoral of the feet without blocking it. Protects and reinforces the epidermis been weakened by the excess moisture. Prevents skin problems, fungal and bacterial. The feet are more healthy and desodorizados. The shock treatment...

12,50 €
In Stock
Exfoliating cream...

The perfect ally for the exfoliation definite that your feet need. Easily removes dead skin cells of the epidermis of the foot responsible for calluses and rough spots on the heel, the balls of your feet and pressure areas. Softens corns and calluses. Smoothes the skin more dehydrated. Enjoying a nice velvety feel, and the foot is now ready to receive a...

11,75 €
In Stock
KIMAS - Oil for massage

Oil for massage-rich in arnica for before and after sports. First it prepares the muscles for physical exertion, decreasing the feeling of muscle stiffness. Then, it optimizes the recovery of sporting, strongly reduces the feeling of muscular fatigue and soothes the soreness. For athletes who wish to recover quickly, and/or take up a sporting activity.

17,95 €
In Stock
NOK Cream - anti friction

The cream NOK is specific anti-chaffing. Suaviza the skin, moisturizes it and protects against rubbing. Minimizes irritations and redness. Prevents the formation of blisters. The skin is strengthened and more resistant. Can be used in all areas exposed to rubbing: feet, toes, groin, crotch, armpits, nipples, neck...

12,25 €
In Stock