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Bacteria and fungi / Mycosis 

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Powder Danzarin Sport

Combination of mineral powders that are applied on the skin of the feet form a protective film that prevents skin lesions such as skin irritations and chaffing. Thanks to the component extra, silver, we benefit from their antibacterial properties and antifungal. This avoids not only sweating but also bad smells and the appearance of fungi and bacteria.

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Silver Elite - OTC

High calf height, below the knee. Medium thickness and high breathability. Silver yarn technology in the inner layer, the braided silver yarn made up 5% of the sock volume, it improves breathability and kills bacterias associated with smelly feet.

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Creams and sprays
Spray for footwear

Specific treatment of the footwear. Combat problems of strong perspiration and bad smells. Disinfects and deodorizes instantly the inside of the shoes. Prevents the development of bacteria and fungi responsible for mycoses and infections. Proven on yeast, molds and dermatophytes. Perfumes and sterilizes the shoes and boots. It prolongs the life span of...

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Creams and sprays
Onykoleine - regenerator of...

Indicated for the mycosis of nails ( feet and hands). Combat the attacks of germs and fungi. Creates a defense that hinders the development of microscopic fungi. Strengthens and stimulates nail growth. Can be used as a preventative treatment in the nail exposed to mycosis.

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Gel insoles

Gel insoles with microfiber: breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic. The natural tissue get to create the barrier anti-mite, thus avoiding the development of fungi. In addition, the feet are kept fresh, without the sweat or odor. Its high viscosity dampens the points of load, they are adapted to the pressure they receive and absorb shocks.

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